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Advance Funeral Planning

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STEP ONE: Complete Your Planning Guide.

Losing a loved one is an emotionally trying experience, and planning a funeral can be overwhelming and stressful. That's why it's important to consider funeral planning ahead of time. By filling out a funeral planning guide, you can ensure that your final wishes are carried out and that your loved ones aren't left with difficult decisions during a time of grief. Planning ahead can also provide peace of mind, knowing that you have taken care of these important details and made things easier for your family during a difficult time.

  • Personal Information (name, address, contact details)

  • Executor Information (name, address, contact details)

  • Funeral Preferences (burial, cremation, or other options)

  • Funeral Service Details (location, date, time, etc.)

  • Obituary Information (details to include in the obituary)

  • Pallbearers (if applicable)

  • Memorial Service Details (if applicable)

  • Donations or Charitable Contributions (if desired)


  • Cemetery or Memorial Site Information (if applicable)

  • Burial or Cremation Instructions

  • Funeral Service Music or Readings (if desired)

  • Flower Arrangements or Memorial Gifts (if desired)

  • Funeral Service Reception (if desired)

  • Legal Documents (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.)

  • Financial Information (bank accounts, investments, insurance policies, etc.)

  • Passwords or Online Accounts (if applicable)

Prepaying for your funeral or the funeral of a loved one is an important decision that can bring many benefits. By prepaying, you can ensure that your final wishes are carried out as you intended, and relieve your loved ones of the burden of having to make difficult decisions during a time of grief. Prepaying also allows you to lock in the cost of the funeral at today's prices, avoiding potential future price increases that could cause financial strain for your family.

In addition to these practical benefits, prepaying for a funeral can also bring peace of mind. Knowing that you have taken care of these important details and made things easier for your family can provide relief and comfort during a difficult time. Prepaying can also help avoid disagreements or conflicts among family members, as everyone will be aware of your wishes and clearly understand how things should be handled.

It's important to note that when prepaying for a funeral, you should do so with a reputable funeral home or funeral service provider. Ensure you understand the terms of the prepaid funeral contract, including what services and merchandise are included, and what happens if you or your loved one moves or passes away in another location. It's also a good idea to inform your family members and executor of your prepaid funeral arrangements so that they are aware of your wishes and know how to access the funds if necessary.

In summary, prepaying for a funeral can provide many benefits, including peace of mind, financial security, and avoiding potential conflicts among family members. It's an important decision that should be made carefully and with the assistance of a reputable funeral home or service provider.

Paying Ahead of Time Saves Money
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We understand that planning for the end of life can be overwhelming and often overlooked. That's why the Moore Coore Family of Funeral Homes and Cemeteries is offering a free Advance Planning Funeral guide as our gift to you. This guide is designed to provide you with valuable information and resources to help you make informed decisions and ease the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time. You can download the guide at no cost or obligation.
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The Five Wishes Guide | A Free Resource

The Five Wishes guide is a unique document that provides individuals with the opportunity to express their end-of-life wishes in a comprehensive and personalized way. Created by Aging with Dignity, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting dignity, care, and compassion for people at the end of life, the Five Wishes guide is a legal document that is recognized in most U.S. states. It covers five key areas: the type of medical treatment you want or don't want, how comfortable you want to be, how you want to be treated by others, what you want your loved ones to know, and how you want to be remembered. By completing the Five Wishes guide, you can ensure that your wishes are respected and your loved ones are empowered to make informed decisions on your behalf. The guide is available in multiple languages and can be used by anyone, regardless of age or health status. It's a valuable tool for anyone looking to take control of their end-of-life planning and ensure that their wishes are honored.


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